Letter from Nancy Haast

November 2022

It has been eleven years since Bill Haast’s passing, my dedication to honor him and his legacy has not wavered in that all that time and while I had hoped to share with you earlier, this period involved very time-intensive management of a large property with multiple buildings in preparation for eventual sale, continuing to provide venoms to the scientific community worldwide, painstakingly collecting and preparing 100 years of archives and bringing them safely through floods and hurricanes and I am now pleased to say that my efforts to bring them to you are closer than ever before.

This next year will be dedicated to scouting for a new location where the archives will be safer and greater conservation resources can be tapped as the library of archives continues to grow. So for now please enjoy these photos of two of the historic statues which have been prepared for relocation and which I am sure that many of you who have visited the Miami Serpentarium will recognize, each with it’s own special story and both symbols of the high achievements of the great humanitarian and legendary pioneer of Venom Production for Venom Research, William E. Haast.

My heartfelt wishes to all and especially to my friends and neighbors who experienced the wrath and ravages of mighty Hurricane Ian, the great bond of kindness and good will we share will never be forgotten.

With sincere affection and hope for the future,
Nancy Haast's signature

Black and white photo of Serpentarium Two large statues of a snake and lion Statue of lion and snake being lifted Back side of lion statue Lion and snake statues on skids Lion statue in crate Back side of lion statue in crate Back side of snake statue in crate Front side of snake statue in crate Front side of snake statue in crate