William “BILL” HAAST: Pioneer of Venom Production for Venom Research

This official Bill Haast website is being presented in honor of one of the greatest pioneers, visionaries, humanitarians and scientists of all time. While the legendary name of W.E. Haast has already been etched into history, it has been said upon learning of his passing on June 15, 2011, that “there are some people who should never die.”* And so that you too may know of just why he has earned such a place of honor in the hearts of all who knew him, and for those who knew of his dedication, self sacrifice and desire to relieve human suffering, we invite you to enjoy this site.

*Bruno Gattolin, D.V.M.
Photo Credit: Dade Thornton

Letter From Nancy Haast

Nancy shares her continued efforts to honor and keep Bill's legacy alive.

Read a letter from Nancy Haast

The Life of Bill Haast

William Edward Haast was born on December 30, 1910 in Paterson, New Jersey to parents of german descent, Gustav and Otillia Haast. He had two brothers, Arthur "Art" and Jack, and sister Victoria, "Vic". From an early age he exhibited remarkable energy, and it wasn’t uncommon for him to be seen running around the perimeter of the house, burning off energy and calling out upon occasion, "Mom, make me an egg!".

Bill Haast embodied the characteristic for which his genealogical line was known and for which his family name was given; the word Haast in dutch translates to “ hurry“ or “haste”, and by all accounts and throughout his entire life, Bill Haast was a man on the move.